Sunday, May 17, 2009

Installed Windows 7 RC

Having missed out on the beta I was happy to see anyone can download the Windows 7 Release Candidate. It took about an hour and a half to install in Vmware, but that's not surprising since my XP is running like a dog these days, and because I only have 1GB of physical RAM I could only allow the VM 768MB (1GB is the minimum).

I've had a quick play, and it seems similar to Vista at first glance. I haven't seen the UAC yet, but I've only played with the new versions of Paint, Calc and Stickies, and messed with a few things in the control panel.

Networking isn't working. Not sure if this is a problem with Vmware or Windows 7. Hopefully I'll have a dual boot working so I can test it natively soon. Maybe it'll be a good thing if I don't get it working though... Those cunning Microsofties have given us the Ultimate version so if I get used to it I doubt I'll want to buy one of the lesser versions when the time comes!

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